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Meet Our Petigree Pets™!
On our site you’ll find photos of our entire collection of Petigree Pets™,adorable hand-crafted limited edition ceramic dogs. Our whimsical canine charmers are almost life-sized and sure to enhance any home or setting.

Our Pooches Make Perfect Pets!
Just like lovable real pets, Merrymac Petigree Pets™ will make you smile. With their whimsical hats, flowers, and human-like personalities, these very special ceramics are large enough to be home accents, and are right at home next to a sunny window, an easy chair, a fireplace or anyplace you would like to add some warmth and charm.

Our Pups Have Papers!
Each limited edition from Petigree Pets™ comes with its own certificate of authenticity, with the name of the piece, its individual number and the size of its edition.

Find A Dealer!
Find an authorized Merrymac dealer in your area who can assist you and arrange for your Petigree Pet™ to be shipped directly to your home.  If interested, you can become an authorized Merrymac dealer.

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